Folk Tale Photography Exhibition by Stephen F Evans


Saturday 12th August 2017



St James Wine Vaults
10 St James Street


Over the last few years Bath Folk Festival’s Director of Photography, Stephen F Evans, has captured lots of fantastic moments, including rare and unique performances and events that will probably never be repeated. He will be presenting these in his first solo exhibition ‘Folk Tale’ at the St James Gallery in Bath as part of the Bath Folk Festival 2017. Special prints will also be available for sale as a souvenir.

Stephen is a visual artist and a practicing commercial photographer. He uses documentary photography practice, inspired by his studies in phenomenology, to produce socially driven bodies of work alongside his continuing commercial endeavours.

​His recent visual enquiries have led to his imagery being presented at exhibitions in Swansea and at the Copeland Gallery in London. This has also led to the production of his self published books ‘Operational Realism’ and ‘Article 50.’