Bath Brew House Folk Festival Special


Bath Brew House Folk Festival Special

Bath Brew House Folk Festival Special

Sunday 19th August 2018

4pm – 9pm

Bath Brew House
14 James Street West


Bath Brewhouse will be turning its regular Sunday afternoon music session into a Bath Folk Festival special, featuring artists from the local scene including:

Paddy O’Brien and Peas in a Pub

Paddy O’Brien has been part of the west country music scene since 1973. He and his band play a mixture of folk and blues songs which include traditional songs and his own compositions.

Mac Seka

Mac Seka is from Dakar in Senegal and writes songs in his native language of Wolof but somehow manages to convey something in his music that seems to transcend the language barrier. He sings with beautiful, melodic, mellow tones and his finger style guitar playing is full of intricacies and rhythmic complexity drawn from the rich musical heritage of his country. His songs are stories of life, love and the struggles of immigration.

Lawrie Duckworth

Lawrie is Bath’s own urban cowboy, who spends his time between his home town here and New Orleans. A real entertainer and talented musician, his songs often have a wry and cynical humorous edge that have been compared to Bill Hicks observations on life. A favourite on the scene here for years, Lawrie’s gigs are never dull!


Jiggidy is a multi-instrumental folk duo from Bath who specialise in songs and tunes from the Irish tradition. Lively, fun and audience inclusive. Rachel and John have been very active in recent years and have built up quite a following in the local gigging scene, playing a mixture of traditional ballads and tunes.

Justin Towell

Justin Towell is a singer-songwriter, originally from Taunton in Somerset but now based in Bath. As well as gigging and busking, he currently hosts the music at the Bath Brew House and will be playing a selections of original songs and well-known folk ballads.