David Lennon: The Bard of Ballysallagh | Two Oak Sons


David Lennon: The Bard of Ballysallagh | Two Oak Sons

David Lennon: The Bard of Ballysallagh | Two Oak Sons

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Doors: 6:30pm | Start: 7pm

The Gallery
St James Wine Vaults
10 St James Street



David Lennon presents The Bard of Ballysallagh

David Lennon has been a stalwart of the local County Down folk scene for over 35 years. An All-Ireland medallist he draws from a rich repertoire of traditional Ulster song and in particular those of County Down.

He is a popular and avuncular host who accompanies himself on guitar and mandola.

“Loud laughter and prolonged applause are the rewards earned by Bangor stalwart Davy Lennon for his muscular singing and storytelling…. his rich voice adds charm and authenticity to his landmark historical narratives” – BBC Northern Ireland.

“David Lennon’s Bard of Ballysallagh show was my personal highlight of the summer’s Open House Festival – totally unique and very special”.

“Davy Lennon’s knowledge of local history combined with his musical talent and mesmerising storytelling, makes the Bard of Ballysallagh a must see show”. – Open House Festival

David’s show The Bard of Ballysallagh focusses on the songs and poetry of Hugh McWilliams who lived in Bangor between 1800-1816. During this time he wrote many songs including the internationally famous “When a Mans in Love”. This song was one of the most popular songs in England during the 19th century and is sung throughout the world.

Two Oak Sons

Two Oak Sons are Steve Robinson and John Hipperson from Bath.

They offer depth, breadth and huge vocal strength to a blend of traditional and self-penned material. Combining powerful, yet sensitive singing and incredibly intricate yet beautifully contrasting guitar styles, every song is presented as a masterpiece of emotionally stirring beauty.