Nasrudin at Bath Folk Club


Nasrudin at Bath Folk Club

Nasrudin at Bath Folk Club

Friday 3rd May 2019

Doors: 8pm | Start: 8:15pm

Tickets: £10 (advance) | £12 (on the door)

Ring O’ Bells,
10 Widcombe Parade,



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Nasrudin: Music and Stories from the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East and Beyond

The music of the Balkans takes us on a journey: lyrical, compelling and compulsive. The band Nasrudin have been part of that journey for the last seven years. Now they link up with a storyteller to expand the experience through the music of Nasrudin and the stories that Nasrudin, the storyteller, told.

Mulla Nasrudin or Nasreddin Hoja – he goes by many names – is the archetypal thoughtful observer, expressing his own wry views on life and his fellow human beings. You’ll find him throughout the Balkans and on into Turkey and beyond, and everywhere they claim him as their own. The roots of his stories can often be found in folk tales from India, in Aesop’s Fables and particularly in The Arabian Nights. Whoever and wherever he is, there is always wisdom to impart in a wry off-beat way and, as with all the best stories, there is learning for our times.

Listen to Nasrudin and his tales, with stories of the Wise Fool told by Richard Selby, woven with the music of the band Nasrudin drawn from the various lands from where these stories originate. The performance will be a journey by camel and magic carpet through the regions that have inspired these beautiful tales and music. The band are Tim Petherick (Guitar) Pete Gibbs (double bass) Marick Baxter (flute) Fred Holden (Fiddle) and Ivan Moreno (percussion).

Nasrudin performed a sold-out concert at the Bath Folk Festival in 2018.

There are limited number of floor spots available for audience members who would like to perform. If you would like to play, please arrive early and sign up on the door.