Psycho-Acoustic Goat | Rookeries


Psycho-Acoustic Goat | Rookeries

Psycho-Acoustic Goat | Rookeries

Saturday 18th August 2018

Doors: 9pm | Start: 9.30pm

The Cellar
St James Wine Vaults
10 St James Street



Psycho-Acoustic Goat

The duo Psycho-Acoustic Goat explore the possibilities of acoustic bass and violin to create an intense, energetic sound. Marcus Gee leads the herd with his daddy guitar; continuing to develop a unique style on an often forgotten instrument, playing the bass guitar like it’s an extreme sport with echoes of flamenco and Psy-trance thrown in for good measure, all connected with a telepathic link to Jade Morris’ dreamy violin dreamscapes.


Rookeries are a lovely new “folk-ambient” instrumental duo, featuring guitarists Finnian Evans and Kieran Glas. Ambient guitar harmonies, country influences and European folk atmospheres converse and combine.